Running on EGO

I spent much of my life chasing accolades trying to convince everyone that I wasn't a nobody, that I wasn't someone who had been diagnosed with a Mental Illness.

Steven Fage sharing his story on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome
Steven Mindmapping in front of fireplace

Until one day it stopped working

I had crashed and burned enough times to make me realize I could no longer run on EGO. I was tired of wearing the mask that showed the world that everything was ok…

My secret was out

So I got on stage and told the world “my deep dark secret”. I decided that no matter how people reacted, I could no longer live this lie, this diagnosis that had been running my life for 17years.

Steven Fage speaking on Mental Health at Startup Week Tampa Bay

I wish this kind of awakening for all of those who are suffering from their innner demons.

About Steven Fage

Founder, Engineer, & Podcast Host

I started my adult career as a robotics engineer and have since worked to become an entrepreneur. I am now focused on bringing my story and experiences to the world that I have learned from managing Mental Illness since I was diagnosed in 11th grade.

I was always on a mission to show my family what is possible when you don't let your circumstances, like mental illness, dictate your life and now I am here to share some of those life lessons along with those shared by all of the amazing people I interview on the My Niche is Human Podcast.

– Steven

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