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How are you Operating?

You are governed by your core values. They determine your habits, perceptions, and behaviors (reactions).

What Do You Think You Value?

You may pride yourself in certain areas, however once you perform this assessment honestly you may find otherwise…

What Do You Actually Value?

It's critical for you to learn and observe some of your values that you may not necessarily be proud of. That's where the work begins.

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool that helps you visualize all the important areas of your life at once. It is often used to give you a “bird's eye” view of your life. By looking at a visual representation of all the areas of your life at once, the wheel helps you to better understand which of your life areas are flourishing and which ones need the most work.

What's Your Wheel Look Like?

This will give us a huge Headstart for our first discovery call

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Wheel of Life Assessment

Rate each area from 1-10, with 1 being "needs a lot of work" and 10 being "I'm crushing this".


Money & Finances - Income, Savings, Budgeting, Investment, and Long Term Planning.
Work & Career - Purpose, Success, Growth & Achievement
1 (low)2345678910 (great)
Money & Finances
Work & Career


Health & Vitality - Physical, Emotional, Diet, Sleep, Relaxation & Exercise..
Fun & Recreation - Activities, Hobbies, Laughter & "Non-Productive" Time.
1 (low)2345678910 (great)
Health & Vitality
Work & Career

Social Life

Environmental - Living Conditions, Where You Live, Who You Live With.
Community - Frequency, Participation, Giving/Donating Goods or Time, Service.
1 (low)2345678910 (great)

Emotional Life

Family & Friends - Connection, Frequency, Quality vs Quantity.
Romance - Casual/Serious, Toxic, Breakup, New Beginnings.
1 (low)2345678910 (great)
Family & Friends

Purpose in Life

Development - Education, Growth, Personal Goals, Learning & Self-Confidence.
Spirituality - Connection with Inner Self, Connection with Higher Power, Ritual or Practice (does not have to = religion).
1 (low)2345678910 (great)
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