Getting Started, Right Now

How to get started on practically anything, literally. It all comes down to mindset and realizing that you are more focused on the tools than the process.

Getting Started, Right Now

If you’re not creating deliverables, you’re not moving the needle forward.

Yesterday I saw a sales video by Brendan Burchard about creating online courses using a course creation tool, Kajabi. I got all excited about creating an online course after he explained how easy it was to do… (he’s obviously good at sales)

But instead of outlining my course… I spent a couple of hours looking into online tools for membership sites and landing pages, etc.

This may seem like good due diligence until I started to reflect on the past few years and especially months of time & thought I’ve spent on wanting my blog to finally turn into something that would help people. (and could also make some money, dammit)

Confession: But I am beginning to realize that I get more excited/focused about putting a website together (see, and and making the format look “cool” instead of actually creating the content to fill it… I seem to fall short. (and because you can’t be lazy and creative at the same time)— but isn’t making a website creative..?!.. it is, but creating personal content is scary (nugget!)

I’m also noticing the individuals/influencers who are actually making things happen/getting traction, are the ones who are 99% focused on creating the content and 1% focused on having the badass website… Clearly, my shit is backward.

Stop Focusing on Tools and How-To’s

If you’re going to make any kind of progress getting started, you need to get over the tools, the format, and the layout/logo blah blah mindset and just start making episodes, posts, and courses… fuck the website!

I noticed this from looking at a couple of influencers’ websites and seeing mistakes here and there, slow site performance, etc… But the main thing I noticed is that their sites are all crazy full of content.

Content is king, you’ve seen this noted so many times before, these people aren’t just saying it because it sounds cool.

Stop wasting time overthinking Whatever the f#ck it is you’re thinking about. Let this post be an example of how easy and simple it is to get started.

If you’re ever wondering what to post next on your Instagram Live or Blog Post, stop staring out the fuckin window and start writing down literally every thought you’re having and spit-shine it just enough so someone else might find it useful… I hope this was useful. 🙏🏼

…yes, it’s really that simple. Thank you for reading this far. In case you’ve got a case of Imposter Syndrome, here is an episode talking all about how to get through it.

(This post started as a journal entry in the Day One app, highly recommended, and after writing it I thought to myself…, this is exactly the kind of thought share that should be on your BLOGGGG, dipshittt, oh yeahhh 🙈🙈) – tough self-love, Namaste




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