How to Deal with Burnout & Top 10 Guides to Success

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Have you ever been afraid to work too hard? Ok maybe not, how about trying too hard?

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to live your life the way “you think you’re supposed to be living it”?

Imagine that.. In a world full of luxury, technology and a seemingly unlimited supply of accessible information, we humans are living the easiest lives we’ve ever lived in all of history. With taking the easy route often the default of both mind and body, one might wonder how anyone could actually be afraid of “trying too hard”.

Knowing the difference

In the context of this article, there are two main camps that I consider when looking at the world of work & labor; and they have everything to do with choice and autonomy..

  1. Camp 1 (lack of choice and position) — People living in a world with the perception that they have a lack of choice and autonomy. This is common for individuals whom think they are stuck doing what they’re currently doing and have no other options. They also feel as though they do not have much control over their daily lives.
  • Efforts are invested into the idea that they’ll work hard enough to some day receive the promotion that is going to make their lives “so much easier”..
  • Efforts are invested in something that they will never own or have control over.. into someone else’s business/vessel of value..

2. Camp 2 (some or complete autonomy in choice and position) — This is the group of people where they have some level or complete control of how their daily lives are structured and the amount of work they take on or are responsible for.

  • Efforts are invested into defining structure by which they will operate and find success, also chasing the one thing that will make their lives “so much easier”..
  • Efforts are invested in something they can call their own, hoping that some day they will reap the legacy and benefits of a self perpetuating vessel of value..

A crass comparison; 9–5er’s vs. Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

The rest of this article will speak to both Camps as I have lived in both and realize my speak may be more biased towards Camp 2 as it is current for me and as I am close to living in Camp 2 just as long as I did Camp 1.

We could get deep and all kinds of philosophical on the meaning of choice, work, labor, position, and value.. but lets save that for tea, bourbon, or some other article, I hope you will realize and focus on the take-away at the end. Its time to speak to the idea of being afraid to work or try too hard.

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its a bitch and we’ve all seen it felt it, and maybe one too many times.. but some more than others.

Camp 1 often feels beaten down by lack of choice and the feeling they have no control over their own destiny. The one benefit many of them have is the ability to mentally clock out of their work at the end of the day, while then having to focus on their homes lives. Burnout comes from chasing the sometimes impossible promotion that is the end-all savior to all of their problems.

Camp 2 is so driven by the idea of reaching financial-Nirvana that they more often trade their time in the pursuit of this path and lose touch with what’s keeping them alive, their health.

Top 10..

Between #midnightoil and #teamnosleep mantras and the ever present TOP 10 WAYS to SUCCEED/BE LIKE TIM FERRISS/SPEAK LIKE TONY ROBBINS/CRUSH IT/MAKE $20K per MONTH/KILL YOUR SEO GAME/READ 10 BOOKS THIS MONTH AND HOW EVERY SUCCESSFUL CEO READS 60 BOOKS A YEAR, blah blah blah… STFU, We are killing ourselves.

I can’t help but feel like and think to myself that “I’m tired of being inspired!”. I realize there is a time and place for all the motivational material and support (I must give all homage and respect to these very mediums as it is these materials that have helped me to acquire my current position and mindset on this very day) but I also realize it can become an addiction and a focus that can take us away from doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

So why is someone afraid to work or try too hard?

We are creatures of habit and once a habit is formed its almost scientifically proven to never go away, its is simply put in the back of our brain and not made dominant. See more on this from the brilliant Charles Duhigg and his research in “The Power of Habit”.

Work so hard and chase the dream; lose friends, relationships, sleep, eating, other healthy habits… and you will hit burnout. Burnout is an increasingly mentioned problem in the world of entrepreneurship and business. It is an occurrence where the adrenal glands become taxed by trying to keep up with high stress loads. When the adrenals run out of gas the cortisol starts to take over. This affects sleep, weight, mood and all other kinds of issues (I’m not a doctah, google it for more details)

Connecting the dots

Chase the light at the end of the tunnel, forego healthy habits, hit burnout.

Burnout can take a toll on your mind and your momentum.

I have done this many times and have come to develop what I’m am hoping to call, a healthy fear, of working too hard.. maybe this is turning out to be ok.

If I can leave you with anything, I’ll leave you with this.. Your friends, your circle, your family, your city and culture; these will all play a role on how you operate and how you measure your own behavior.

Take-away — Learn to ask yourself these questions..

  • Is it ok for me to take a break? Define what ok means to me..
  • Will I actually accomplish more by staying awake and doing this one last task (half-assed, because I’m so fukin tired), or should I go to bed now and tackle it first thing in the morning?
  • Am I more focused on being seen or known as busy, or do I give more of a shit about my actual progress?
  • Am I trying to win for other’s approval, or do I have a clear roadmap for my personal and professional success? Ego vs. Spirit
  • Am I getting high on the idea of doing all the things that Gary, Tony, and Tim have so methodically and creatively delivered to me… or am I simply just being entertained….?
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