Overcome Imposter Syndrome

A discussion on the Brand Doctor Podcast on how to identify Imposter Syndrome, put it into focus, and how to hack your subconscious to make it stick.

Listen to “Ep 250 -How to overcome Imposter Syndrome-Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr.” on Spreaker.

How to Hack your Subconscious Mind and find a way to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Discussion on the Brand Doctor podcast, July 12, 2019 45 minutes


I had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by Henry Kaminski on The Brand Doctor podcast.

On the Brand Doctor Podcast, Henry talks with authors, speakers and high performing business leaders to explore their journey, lessons and tips for creating a more successful and connected brand.

We spent the majority of this episode going back and forth on how we have both dealt with Imposter Syndrome and what we do to get through. We also go over how these negative belief systems get started..

If you're interested in hearing more on this topic, I did a solo episode where I sort through for the first time and confess my experiences with Imposter Syndrome.

Andd… if you are interested in the idea of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, check out this episode I was interviewed in on the Soul Collective Podcast.

Items Covered:

🎧 How to put Imposter's Syndrome into focus
🎧 How to manage disappointment
🎧 How to hack your subconscious
🎧 Understanding why people sometimes put you down and how to use it to motivate you


This book does an amazing job of exposing you to the inner workings of your ego, I highly recommend this on your journey to overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

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