How to Talk about Your Mental Health

Episode #6 on the My Niche is Human Podcast

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How to Talk about Your Mental Health

A conversation with Mallory Taylor
Mallory Taylor shares her story on how to talk about your mental health

Mallory has done a lot of work to help lift the stigma on Mental Health. She is the founder of AssessUrHealth, a Tampa based company focused on developing AI to better help health care clinicians proactively identify Mental Health concerns. You can learn more about and get in contact with Mallory on LinkedIn This episode is a part of a 2 part series leading up to the scariest of all topics, Suicide. If this topic is close to you I would encourage you to consider listening to the next episode where I have a conversation with my Sister Maggie about her story with Surviving an Attempt at Suicide.

Items Covered

  1. Why Mallory started AssessUrHealth, a company that aims to develop AI to proactively identify individuals with Mental Health needs before they turn into emergency status
  2. We review how to better understand Mental illness so you can be less afraid of it
  3. Learning what to say, and what Not to say to someone who is suffering, avoiding common language that can cause a trigger or the feeling of being judged
  4. Its ok to not be happy all the time, it’s actually healthy
  5. How to reach out to those around you, and how to respond to someone who is reaching out to you..
  6. Why we believe you don’t need a Medical Degree to be open and willing to share your opinion on Mental Health
  7. How different cultures around the world view and talk about Mental Health
  8. How to share the lessons you learn as you overcome your “bad days”

Resources Mentioned

Mallory and her team have done a great job bringing together a list of resources for anyone looking for help…

For more, check out the Resources library.

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