How to Unleash Your Inner Demons and Find Peace

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How to Unleash Your Inner Demons and Find Peace

A reflection from the year of 2019
Steven Mindmapping in front of fireplace

As this year comes to an end I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of memes on social talking about all the things you’re going to let go of and all of the thing you’re now going to embrace..

Well, if you’re like me, you may be feeling a bit of deja vu, from last year.

This year I decided there were a few things I wasn’t going to carry with me regardless of the month or the year. This episode is a review of lessons learned in 2019. As a result of these reflections, I review some key lessons I learned. I found a way to finally seek out and slay some demons I’ve been carrying.

Try to listen if you are finding yourself stuck in your old ways and want to change. And seeing how’s this is my last episode of the year, consider listening to my very first from this year or ever about How I Got Here.

Items Covered

  1. How I used the Artist’s Way tool to dig to deeper levels of awareness
  2. Knowing the difference between Resolutions written by Ego or by Spirit
  3. Finding the connection to past events that may have been the seed for demons or negative stories that you carry or continue to tell yourself
  4. Embracing the voices in your head and taking the journey to find out where they come from… and finding peace with them
  5. For anyone who may be struggling, finding a way to embrace your feminine side

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