Journey Through The Artist’s Way

Is there an untapped artist within you waiting to be let free? Have you lost years of your life not being as creative? Journey Through The Artist’s Way

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Show Notes, TLDR

  1. A review of the Artist’s Way; what it is, why it matters, and the impact it’s had
  2. Key Chapters that made an effect (power, compassion, faith)
  3. How the book/course/discussions made deep change
  4. How Art is (or can be) the Antidote to Death, ref. his podcast ep
  5. “How will I spend my time in infinite presence?
  6. How to define “being an artist”, how our own definition is our own
  7. How to identify with being an artist, even if you don’t right now
  8. How to measure/quantify the creative process, how to prioritize
  9. Contemplating Death, how it can benefit your level of self-awareness
  10. Get Selfish, Focus on yourself, and Stoke FLOW
  11. Psycho-spiritual benefits of flow
  12. How to deal with being a hater when you’re not doing the work (you wished you were doing but not allowing yourself to), having resentment towards people doing what you want to be doing
  13. How to use resentment as inspiration, as energy to motivate you forward
  14. Finding and refining your authentic voice
Arman Assadi on the My Niche is Human Podcast in Journey Through The Artist's Way

A conversation with Arman Assadi

Have you ever felt like there is an untapped artist within you waiting to be let free? Have you lost years of your life not being as creative as you feel you’re capable of? I sit down with my friend Arman Assadi to discuss his experience and journey with a book/course called The Artist’s Way and how that changed his view of self, of starting a podcast and how he is able to stoke FLOW better and faster because of it. Join us as we travel down this rabbit hole, you may find yourself on the other side.

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Arman Assadi helps leaders and creatives find their flow. He is the host of FLOW with Arman Assadi, co-founder & CEO of Project EVO, and founder & CEO of Assadi Media.