Start Ugly, How I Got Here

Ever since being diagnosed with a Mental Illness in 11th grade, this has been my journey. From Hypnotherapy, to Improv and finally dusting off a 4 year old microphone..

Show Notes, TLDR

  1. My experience with Hypnotherapy
  2. I attend IMPROV classes and begin to learn how it can be useful for everyday life
  3. Why having a Mental Illness doesn’t make you special…
How I got here Steven in Mykonos

Starting Ugly

A quick intro to the show; from Hypnotherapy, to improv and finally dusting off a 4 year old microphone.. I talk about why I am here and why I am focused on broaching the topic and on conversation with Mental Health. In my mind, this project took way to long to get started. Looking back I realize I was held back by all the classic bullshit that holds most of us back.. The first was Overcoming Imposter’s Syndrome for starters; feeling like “who the hell am I to share my opinion and of all topics, Mental Health!?” But slowly I found a way to overcome this nasty thing that I’m sure crushes many people’s chances. And the the haunting feeling over Not Wanting to Outshine those around me, or put in another way, I have been playing it small for the sake of others.. I recently dove deeper into this dynamic on the episode where I talk about Making Peace with Inner Demons and realizing fearing my feminine side was keeping me from fully expressing myself. I hope you enjoy.

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