Dawn Fraser Storytelling and Hosting

Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser is a storyteller, public speaker, and a nationally acclaimed communications coach based out of San Jose, California. She is the Creator/ Host of the ‘Barbershop Stories’ live show and podcast, which features storytellers performing true tales in barbershops and salons around NYC, and the Founder/ CEO of Fraser’s Edge, LLC, which offers programs for businesses, nonprofits, and college students the opportunity to develop their leadership potential through storytelling.

Past clients have included companies like Spotify, Vox Media, and Google as well as celebrities including the rapper Common. Dawn currently serves as a Lead Instructor with The Moth and was featured amongst some of the nation’s top changemakers at [email protected] She loves being a twin, a Trinidadian, and Instagramable @dawnfraser.

Re-envision what it means to win – Dawn Fraser, TED Talk, [email protected] 2013

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Dawn Fraser Storytelling and Hosting

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We unpack the idea of story, how and why we tell ourselves the stories we do, and what we can do to tell ourselves better, more empowering stories.