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Sukdev Benning

Sukdev Benning is a guide who helps visionaries clear their inner clutter so that they can design their lives purpose.

At birth, I was given the name Sukhdev. Which translates to “The Lord of Happiness” in English. However, most of my time here was spent on the opposite spectrum of “Happiness”.

This side, on the other hand, turned out to be one of my greatest teachers. I discovered a deep passion for music and photography in my early 20’s. Upon pursuing a career in the arts, my life took a quick turn. After experiencing a near-death experience in my car. I had suddenly found myself in a new world. One of which included high sensitivity to energy, intuition, as well as a profound experience in operating from spirit.

From this point, I spent most of my time learning about this “new” side of me. Only to realize that this “New” side was everything I had always wanted. And that crossing the bridge required me to do a few things. As I was no longer bringing all my worries, doubts, and fears with me.

After making the commitment to being of service, I still continue with my artistic endeavors as it enables me to explore the depths of my being.

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