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A conversation with my sister, Maggie

May 13th, 2019 08:45am EST • 38 minutes

Have you ever considered hurting yourself, or do you know someone who has considered, attempted or completed Suicide?

My sister, Maggie, attempted this almost 4 years ago. She was courageous enough to agree to come on the show and share her story hoping to give just one person, hope.

This is not an overly tactical nor a How-to episode, rather a heart to heart conversation between two siblings sitting at the kitchen table. I feel many of us are guilty of always trying to solve problems, myself included. This was a valuable lesson for me to realize that sometimes there is greater power in simply sitting down, and listening.

If you're currently having trouble talking about you own feelings with yourself, or a loved one, check out the episode prior to this on How to Talk about Your Mental Health.

I really hope you are able to take the time to listen to this episode.

If you feel compelled to reach or leave a note to Maggie, she is open to and get be contacted through DM on her Instagram

Podcasting in the Kitchen

Items Covered:

  1. The difficulty of putting into words the power of the hopeless feeling that leads us to feel like there are no other options..
  2. Realizing that acceptance alone does not bring peace, you must work to Heal 
  3. Finding the spark that comes from surviving the dark moments when they return
  4. Paying attention to the signs
  5. How you can help your loved ones who may be struggling

Complete Transcript:

coming soon..

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