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Jessica Brightman on a plane

A story of Death, Brain Tumors and Becoming a Gypsy


I sit down with my friend, Jessica Brightman, to talk about her journey with traumatic events that have happened in her life. She shares how she has used those events to give her the power to self heal and in the process, find her life's purpose.

Items Covered:

  1. How important it is to understand your definition of freedom
  2. Surviving a drunk driver accident pretty much saved her life..
  3. The power of putting your life in “Phases” and knowing what to do next.

About Jessica:

Jessica Brightman (aka JB) is a creative and inspired marketer with global experience in digital media + graphic design in both in-house and agency settings. Her work in the marketing field has spanned for nearly a decade, but her passion for graphic design and a solopreneur lifestyle was innate. In 2017 she decided to break the chains of mediocrity and gave up a stable and secure job to become her own boss and founder of Bright Thoughts to freelance around the world instead. Inspired by her travels and location-independent lifestyle, JB builds connections through culture, content, and color.

Work with Jessica

Complete Transcript:

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