There's always another way, how to reduce stigma against mental illness.

It's almost one year later since I gave this talk in February of 2019 at the Startup Week Tampa Bay event.. (and yes, I'm only just posting this now. This is scary stuff)

A lot has happened this year and many things may have changed for you. But the one thing that hasn't change is the importance of stoking the conversation on Mental Health and Mental Illness.

I did this talk for two reason; the first was selfish, I wanted to get “the monkey off my back”, and the second, well, is a win win. Because I believe in two things when it comes to lifting the stigma on Mental Illness and they both include sharing your story with your circle, and doing it in a way that allows everyone around you the same permission to share theirs.

I believe permission is the common denominator when it comes to anything related to Mental Health, and it all starts with ourselves.

Giving yourself permission to really feel your bad days whatever they may be, is the first and most important step you can take to healing your childhood traumas. Many of us have created entire lives inspired by our will to distract or run as far away from who we are or are afraid to become.

The video lasts 18 minutes and I hope you will consider taking the time to see it. If you have a friend or loved one that you know is battling their demons and can't seem to find a way forward, please share this with them and let them know it's ok to have a bad day.

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And if you enjoyed this talk, make sure to check out the episode where I talk about Making Peace with Inner Demons and using them to make you stronger.

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