Imposters Syndrome

Solo Episode – How I identified Imposter Syndrome and learned the power of “I don’t know”

February 27, 2019 8:20pm EST • 11 minutes

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My first solo rant on the topic of Imposter’s Syndrome, how I got over it in the past and how I’m currently fighting it through the production of this show. This is all kind of a case study in the making.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out this episode where I was a guest on the Brand Doctor podcast where Henry and I discussed what we do to Overcome Imposter’s Syndrome.

Items Covered:

  1. No-one can tell you your experiences are “wrong” or don’t have value”
  2. There is great power in saying “I don’t know”, it’s all in how you say it..
  3. Your perspective and your approach can change the way you feel about sharing your story


This book does an amazing job of exposing you to the inner workings of your ego, I highly recommend this on your journey to overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Complete Transcript:

Coming soon..

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