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Clint Bertucci in Iceland

Know When to Quit and Do What Matters w/ Clint Bertucci

January 24th, 2019 07:45am EST • 46 minutes


Imagine busting your ass for 10 years building your business into the 6+ figures range and then all of a sudden, its gone..

What would you do? Would you try to rebuild it, try to hold on until the sun came out?

This is what happened to my buddy Clint, and what he did next is quite extraordinary. He sold everything he had left, went back to school and studied abroad. From there he realized he had a knack for the process of knowing when and how to leave what was no longer serving him and turn his attention into what he loved the most..

This is a great episode for you if you're in a job you hate (or don't even quite love) or a relationship that may not be serving you.

I feel like many of us have fallen into the trap of chasing “potential” either in projects, ideas or people. Being afraid to let go has wasted time and caused a lot of pain.

This episode may give you the courage or an idea of how to make your next move.

I hope you enjoy,

Items Covered:

  1. We meditated to a 20 minute morning Dr. Joe Dispenza before recording the episode
  2. We review what we saw in our meditations
  3. Finding what you love in life and how you measure your life (money, status, things, etc..)
  4. How and why he started a travel company
  5. How he recovered from the Real Estate crash from 2006
  6. From being broke in Florence to building small businesses to step him into his final passion business, Travr
  7. Don't give up on what you love
  8. Know that what you're doing now is simply a chapter in leading you to where you want to end up
  9. How we measure success, chasing passion over profit
  10. Being a kid entrepreneur
  11. You can't cheat your way into experience, the experience is experience
  12. How to know when to pivot from what you're doing, the job, the relationship

Resources Mentioned:

Our Morning Meditation

Clint's Highest Recommended Book:

Complete Transcript:

coming soon..

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