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A conversation about Overcoming Mental Health Challenges in the workplace.

Discussion on the Punch Talk podcast

November 5th, 2019 48 minutes


I had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by Brendan Davis on The Punch Talk podcast to talk about overcoming mental health challenges in the workplace.

The punch talk podcast is about financial independence, business and politics. Join us for interviews and conversations on the topics that are most relevant to your path of gaining financial independence. Your hosts Brendan and Brandon will bring you decades of combined experience to help you navigate the road to becoming financially secure. They will discuss the business environment and the political context that matters to you.

On this podcast Brendan interviews Steven Fage, a Tampa based businessman.

In this interview, Brendan and I connect about:

  1. My journey in business and overcoming Mental Health barriers
  2. Emotional ailments that can affect our performance in the work place such as fear, anxiety and procrastination
  3. How deal with Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome those mental challenges to success.

Complete Transcript:

coming soon..

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