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Dawn Fraser Storytelling and Hosting

There is so much to be learned from ourselves through the act of story.

Storytelling and the Stories We Tell Ourselves:

A conversation with Dawn Fraser

From Movies, Commercials, Your Family and Friends; they're all telling you stories about themselves to either convince you of an idea or to control your world.

We're also doing this to ourselves, all, the, time. The stories we were told from an early age turn into the stories we continue to tell ourselves, sometimes our entire lives.

We unpack the idea of story, how and why we tell ourselves the stories we do, and what we can do to tell ourselves better, more empowering stories.

Join me and Dawn Fraser as we travel down this rabbit hole, you may find yourself on the other side.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Establishing your “life's work”, logging entries of life events, memories, and feelings
  2. How to use social media as an archive for looking back on our lives from an introspective perspective
  3. Acknowledging what you are good at, what you are ok at, and what you are not so good at, make the stories based on reality not on what's been given (or told to you)
  4. The 5 Love Languages and how they relate to our state of mind when we're telling ourselves how our stories are going
  5. How to recognize the signs when things are off, and you keep telling yourself the same negative things, over and over
  6. How to navigate media consumption and all the stories being fed to us online
  7. Being mindful of the source of stories and wether it is a dialogue or one-way communication
  8. Change is inevitable, growth is optional
  9. Gratituding (its a new word)
  10. Defining your micro-stories in place of relying on one big macro story
  11. Learning to build in flexibility and detours into your vision/story to prevent discouragement that leads to quitting
  12. Knowing the difference between the FACTS and the TRUTH
  13. Learning to tell stories from our scars, and not our wounds…
  14. How studying story and telling stories can teach you to tap into yours and make better connections between memories and events that have happened in your life

I hope you enjoy,

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