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Amadeus and Zach

There is so much to be learned from ourselves through the act of repetitive failure


Learn how to practice free association to exercise and stretch your brain and release your ego. Improv is a special kind of medicine, one that can lead to a more courageous life.

This episode is an interview with two Improv performers; Zach Mouriz and Amadeus Dameron. They were gracious with their time to come on the show and share some of the inner workings of the magic of Improv.

This podcast among many other projects I've personally pursued in my life were all attempts to finding a way of living outside of my head. For a long time I was a prisoner in my own body and mind. I found Improv as a way of breaking out of my internal world and found an amazing art form in the end.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. How (performing) Improv can lead to a better life
  2. Ways to practice the tools Improv provides even in the comfort of your own home
  3. A special, one of a kind segment at the end of episode you won't want to miss

I hope you enjoy,

Resources Mentioned:

Many of our behaviors are driven by our desire to achieve a particular level of status relative to those around us. People are continually raising and lowering their status in conversation through body language and words. Say yes to more and stop blocking the opportunities that come your way.

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Complete Transcript:

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