headliner audiograms and video creator


Audiogram and Video Transcription Tool

Headliner almost does it all when it comes to creating marketing material for your show. I use this to create audiograms (Square, Wide, and Story format) and it also transcribes your media (at no additional charge). Worth taking a look at.

More Tools

I have partnered with some of the services that I use. This has allowed me to offer you some promotions with the special links below (extended trials and discounts).



If you’ve gotten an email from me it probably came from ActiveCampaign. This is the top when it comes to email marketing and automation. Their system allows you to automate so many actions based on different events or triggers (when an action takes place). A must for serious emailers running a podcast or website. Comes with a built-in CRM.

adobe audition

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition comes with the Adobe Creative Suite. It is used by podcasters and moviemakers. It can be intimidating at the start but once you get used to it, it has a lot of powerful tools such as removing noise, adding effects, and managing your multitrack sessions. A bit more complex/complicated than Descript, but super powerful for professional projects.



Artlist is incredible for sourcing music (that you are allowed to use on your show, see their terms). This is where I found the intro and outro music for the podcast. It will level up your production value immediately.



Auphonic is an excellent tool for rescuing bad recordings and ensuring your final mix is up to Radio Standards. I use this to “clean up” the final mix from Adobe Audition to ensure the vocal and music tracks have the same loudness so my listener gets what they expect when they put the volume to a certain level.

canva creative app


Creating any kind of social media post for your business or podcast has never been easier with Canva. It’s most useful for speed AND for anyone who wishes they could make cool marketing posts but are terrified of using Adobe Photoshop.

My Niche is Human Podcast Hosted on Captivate Podcasting Hosting Service

Captivate Podcasting

Captivate podcasting hosting service. Create & distribute unlimited podcasts, get advanced analytics, and monetize & promote in a straightforward dashboard.



CloudHQ is a data migration/data syncing tool. It was critical to migrate all of my business data from Drop to G-Drive. I also used it back when I relied on Salesforce. Great for backing up cloud data. Must have.

Descript Desktop Podcast Media Editor


Record, edit, mix, collaborate, and master your audio and video with Descript. It wasn’t until I switched to Descript that I felt like I could produce content for the long term.

Digital Marketer Online Courses

Digital Marketer

If you’re looking to learn about Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, Copywriting, etc.. Digital Marketer is a great place to take courses and get up to speed. These courses have helped me with this website and developing content and the right copy (how I speak in email and these pages).



On some of the days I felt most lost, what kept me going was my list of daily (morning, afternoon, evening, and shutdown) habits. With Fabulous you can make a custom list of habits at custom times of day on specific days. Complete with guided meditations, this app is a lifesaver.

Freedom App

Freedom App

If you can’t stay off your phone or from checking Facebook every 10 minutes, Freedom App is great for blocking specific apps and websites for either set amounts of time or during a schedule you determine.



Stop relying on the red squiggly line that never seems to work. Grammarly integrates with Google Docs Suite, Chrome OS (which helps you on any webpage you’re writing on (even this WordPress editor)), and your phone.

Guestio Podcast Guest Booking Marketplace


If you’re looking to book guests or get interviewed on a podcast, Guestio is an excellent place to start. Create a profile, upload your picture and some info and you could find yourself getting invited to be on a show.

headliner audiograms and video creator


Headliner almost does it all when it comes to creating marketing material for your show. I use this to create audiograms (Square, Wide, and Story format) and it also transcribes your media (at no additional charge).

Supreme Gym Megabar


I’ve gone through quite a few pull-up bars in my day. Megabar will be the last one you ever have to buy. It’s robust and detaches to become a stand-alone workout bar that you can add standard plates to. And it comes with a set of rings!

Missinglettr Social Media Automation


Clever social campaigns and engagement tools for companies that blog. Beats the heck out of the Buffer app.

Pipedrive CRM


Pipedrive changed the game for me. I used Salesforce for a long time; it was expensive and did not “work for me”. Pipedrive is clean, efficient and loaded with automation, and easy to customize. The phone app works great and is a seamless experience from the browser application.



SEMrush is an excellent tool for discovering many many things about top websites. I use this tool to help me find topics for episodes. You can search for questions being asked on the internet based on topics or keywords. Imagine being able to produce content that people are looking for.

SEMRush SEO Academy

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush has an amazing suite of free online courses for SEO and Content. You should know this stuff if you’re in business and have or run a website. Traffic and Copy are essential to communicating your value, and in turn, making money.

Setapp Suite of Apps with Ulysses


It’s like getting a bunch of apps for the price of 1. Ulysses, a very popular writing app is included which by itself costs $5.99 per month, but for 9.99 per month on Setapp, you get Ulysses and MANY other very useful and productive apps ranging from utilities, photo editing, project management, and writing tools.

Taplink Landing Page Tool for Instagram and Social Media


If you’ve heard of Linktree or another link in bio tool, this is WAY better. Taplink helps you make a landing page and link to include in your Instagram (or anywhere you want) bio. This way you don’t lose out by having to choose another social link in your bio; this allows you to include them all.



Wavve is a cheaper alternative to Headliner with fewer features but will surely help you get started creating audiograms to market your episodes.

wp engine web hosting

WP Engine

Top-notch customer service on a super-fast hosting service made for WordPress.



One app to rule them all. Zapier is a service that allows you to connect to many other web apps/services that you use. Think of it as automation without any coding. Bring information from one system into another, as actions happen. This app will make or break your business as the economy continues to scale.