Steven Fage and my journey with mental illness

Steven Fage

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Steven Fage is an electrical/robotics engineer turned performer. Trained in jazz, tap and ballet in his youth, he found his way back to the stage as he took his first Improv class in 2017. See resume for breakdown.

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Quick summary of how I got here...

Steven Fage Engineer sitting in chair in front of equipment


I started out my “real world” career as an Electrical/Robotics Engineer. I worked for Yushin, a robot manufacturer in RI, and then went on to join the team at Canon, building manufacturing lines.


I quit my job and moved to Tampa to attend USF for Grad school. I started an equipment brokerage in July 2012 and have been running it ever since. 

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I was Troubled

All the adventure and accomplishments still couldn't bring me peace. I was still searching for my purpose.

Running on EGO

I spent much of my life chasing accolades trying to convince everyone that I wasn't a nobody, that I wasn't someone who had been diagnosed with a Mental Illness or worse; “CRAZY”.

Steven Fage sharing his story on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome
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Until one day it stopped working

I had crashed and burned enough times to make me realize I could no longer run on EGO. I was tired of wearing the mask that showed the world that everything was ok…

My secret was out

So I got on stage and told the world “my deep dark secret”. I decided that no matter how people reacted, I could no longer live this lie, this diagnosis that had been running my life for 17years.

Steven Fage speaking on Mental Health at Startup Week Tampa Bay


And once I got on stage, I kept going. After two years of performing improv and acting classes, I'm ready for the next chapter.

Watch My Story with Mental Illness

Tampa Bay Startup Week in 2019 where the event programmers asked for more stories around Mental Health to bring light to, and support founders who are struggling.

No more struggling in silence.