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Jojo White Dark Side of Comedy holding a microphone

Jojo White

Originally from Tennessee, Jojo has been writing sketch comedy for the last 8 years and has been doing stand-up for the last year. He once opened for Chis Porter from Comedy Central and has recently been featured on The Creative Motion Channel on ROKU TV.

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How to Stop Limiting Beliefs with Steven Fage on the Soul Collective Podcast

How to Stop Limiting Beliefs

An interview on the Soul Collective Podcast about my journey learning how to stop limiting beliefs as they relate to mental health, depression, anxiety and relationships.

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How I got here Steven in Mykonos

Start Ugly, How I Got Here

Ever since being diagnosed with a Mental Illness in 11th grade, this has been my journey. From Hypnotherapy, to Improv and finally dusting off a 4 year old microphone..

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