“My goal, my favorite thing in life, is when someone can ask a question in such a way that allows the listener to consider looking at life in ways they’ve never thought to, before..”

“Helpful Resource!”

“I never really considered myself an entrepreneur. But, I am. Time to face the music. I’ve recently been diving into several resources for advice and inspiration as I launch and grow my small business. This podcast is one of those resources. It has highlighted some areas of strength that I can feel good about and some areas that require another look or reframing to get to the next level. I look forward to having more lightbulb moments as I continue to listen.”

5 Stars, Buddhafulday on Apple Podcast Reviews

“Step out of the dark and give yourself permission to be”

“Powerful Podcast! The first podcast especially spoke to me and my position in supporting many in need of mental health support. You aren’t special because your mental health needs extra support. You’re just a human. Don’t live in shame. This podcast is rooted in his bravery and mission in normalizing, supporting and enriching the human psyche. Amazing. “

5 Stars, brisnitch on Apple Podcast Reviews

“The Good Stuff!”

“Love how candid and courageously transparent this is!!! Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone’s niche was human #permissiontobe”

5 Stars, Tash_717 on Apple Podcast Reviews

Meet Steven Fage

Hi my name is Steven. I am a robotics engineer turned entrepreneur. I’ve gone from crazy school debt to starting 3 companies (@fiveninesinc, @kambinemarket and @saastutor). I am an INFP Introverted Nerd with more books on my shelves than I’ve read. I’ve been managing my mental health since being diagnosed back in 11th grade.

I was always on a mission to show my family what is possible when you don’t let your circumstances, like mental illness, dictate your life and now I am here to share some of those life lessons along with those shared by all of the amazing people I interview on the My Niche is Human Podcast.

– Steven

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