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Just Getting Started

Literally. I like to talk and write about cerebral topics like Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, and Human Behavior; anything that breaks down the how and why we do the things that we do.

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“You are what you read”

Check out the archive for articles listed by category on varying topics and how-tos.

Book Reviews

I owe my life to books and the grace that brought each one of them to me. I am building an archive of book reviews so that I may return the Universe the favor.

I believe the most powerful way to create change is through Story. Join me on the My Niche is Human Podcast as I share my story and the stories of others.

Topics covered: Mental Health, Psychology, Developing Emotional Intelligence, and more.

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“One question, The RIGHT question, can change your life”

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What is WFH Life, working from home

The WFH Mindset

If you find yourself sleeping 5 hours a night and feeling like it's all of a sudden “okay”, you're most likely drunk on cortisol and running on what's left of your adrenaline. Get ready for burnout… #wfh

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