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Below you will find articles, videos, and podcasts; all focused on a range of topics such as Mental Health, Psychology (I am not licensed), Emotional Intelligence, and pretty much anything that has to do with our personal journeys as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. 

For a full list of episodes from my show, the My Niche is Human podcast, visit the podcast archive.

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What is WFH Life, working from home

The WFH Mindset

If you find yourself sleeping 5 hours a night and feeling like it’s all of a sudden “okay”, you’re most likely drunk on cortisol and running on what’s left of your adrenaline. Get ready for burnout… #wfh

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overcome imposter syndrome on the Brand Dr Podcast

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

A discussion on the Brand Doctor Podcast on how to identify Imposter Syndrome, put it into focus, and how to hack your subconscious to make it stick.

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How to Stop Limiting Beliefs with Steven Fage on the Soul Collective Podcast

How to Stop Limiting Beliefs

An interview on the Soul Collective Podcast about my journey learning how to stop limiting beliefs as they relate to mental health, depression, anxiety and relationships.

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Getting Started, Jumping off the boat, take the plunge

Getting Started, Right Now

How to get started on practically anything, literally. It all comes down to mindset and realizing that you are more focused on the tools than the process.

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how to deal with burnout

How to Deal with Burnout

How to deal with burnout is a critical skill and level awareness if you’re going to stay healthy and perform at your happiest and highest level.

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