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With Mental Performance Coaching

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Steven Fage speaking on How to See Mental Illness as a Gift at Startup Week Tampa Bay
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agen·​cy, noun. -
the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power

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How does Agency Apply to my life?

Going Through Breakup

Relationships are such critical events and mirror teaching us what we need to learn. Time to grow.

Can't Get Motivated

A plethora of reasons can contribute to this. Most critical is your view of your circumstances.

Office/Social Politics

The better you can see the field, the better moves you can make. You must first understand human nature.

Are you the Nice Guy?

You tired of getting shit on? I was and Yes, “Nice Guys” do finish last. There is a better way while staying kind.


Sounds like there is a lack of clarity related to your WHY. Quit being busy and start moving the needle.

No Mojo?

Let's talk Masculinity, or even yet; your relationship with the Divine Feminine. Are you still desperate to cry?

Not Sure?

I get it. Let's talk and see what we discover. It's amazing what we find in the things are say, or don't say.

Mental Health

Is not the same as Mental Illness

Performance Coaching focuses on optimizing the way you think about your thoughts & emotions so you are able to live an optimal life... #NoStigma.

Steven Writing Articles and Journals - Photo by Mike Ossola Photography

Take a Systematic approach When

Considering Your Mental Health Performance...

And if you are not able to identify where you are at, that is ok too.

Managing Relationships

Whether Romantic, Professional, or with Family; it's critical to understand the who and why of the people in your life.

Emotional Compassing / Framework

It's time to establish a working relationship with those racing thoughts and emotions.

Professional Performance

Running a business and can't afford to have bad days? Let's build a system for those rainy days.

Conflict in Career / Workplace

Depending on an income can make navigating human nature in the workplace very difficult.

Working Together - THE PROCESS

Once you SignUp...


You provide some info about yourself so I can prepare for our first meeting.


An agreement will be sent via email requesting you e-sign and agree to the terms of service.


You will then schedule our first 90-minute meeting and then use the tools provided (depending on the package) to communicate/collaborate and schedule monthly meetings.

Book a Coaching Session

steven interviewing leon on the couch mental health performance coaching

Performance Coaching 1:1 - Single Session

Are you ready to start taking control of your internal dialogue? It's time to see the narratives that you've been living by, and many of which you were given. Single sessions are a good place to start if you're looking for a high-level sounding board and feedback on developing and nurturing your current strategies for moving forward.

Coaching Packages

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
60 Minute Video Discovery
RoadMap Project Board
1x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
2x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
4x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
Unlimited Text/Email/Voice Memo Support (Telegram/email)
Access to Project Board, Collaboration
Asset Creation; video/document guides
Unlimited Phone Support (scheduled using Calendly)
First 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Coaching Packages Breakdown

1:1 Level 1

$ 150
/ Month
  • 60 Minute Video Discovery
  • 1x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
  • RoadMap Project Board
  • Unlimited Text/Email/Voice Memo Support (Telegram/email)
  • Save $50/session (reg. $200)
  • 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guaranteed if not happy with service

1:1 Level 2

$ 300
/ Month
  • 60 Minute Video Discovery
  • 2x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
  • RoadMap Project Board
  • Unlimited Text/Email/Voice Memo Support (Telegram/email)
  • Save $100/month ($50/session)
  • 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guaranteed if not happy with service

1:1 Level 3

$ 1000
/ Month
  • 60 Minute Video Discovery
  • 4x 60 Min. Monthly Zoom
  • RoadMap Project Board
  • Unlimited Text/Email/Voice Memo Support (Telegram/email)
  • Access to Project Board, Collaboration
  • Asset Creation; video & document guides
  • Unlimited Phone Support (scheduled using Calendly)
  • 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guaranteed if not happy with service
Steven Fage and my journey with mental illness



My name is Steven Fage. My goal is to stoke your curiosity in journeying into the realm of practical psychology and human behavior so that you can build up your mental fortitude and become self-reliant on your Agency of Thought and Emotion.

* I am not a LMHP (Licensed Mental Health Professional)

Years Managing Mental Illness Diagnosis
Years on Medication Journey
Years Running A Successful Business
Steven Fage speaking on Mental Health at Startup Week Tampa Bay
Play Video about Steven Fage speaking on Mental Health at Startup Week Tampa Bay


Your story is your credential. I told the world about both my mental illness diagnosis and medication journey in an attempt to empower those who are struggling with their Mental Health.

Event: Tampa Bay Startup Week 2019


Hear From some of the humans I've worked with

Chris Krimitsos Podfest

I have known Steven for some time and his gift of presence and mindfulness is something that as a Community Builder, who deals with thousands of people, is not something you see everyday.

Chris Krimitsos

Chief Creative Officer / Podfest

jovan glasgow

Incredibly astute coach and guru with a heart for humanity!

Jovan Glasgow

Professional Speaker | Coach / Glasgow International LLC

jennifer riker

In the first five minutes of getting to know Steven, I knew I was with a kindred spirit. He has an approachable nature and a calming presence. I noticed an immediate ease in speaking and sharing information with him and a relatable essence he projected. I was impressed by his emotional intelligence, mindfulness and a keen self actualization and awareness. He obviously is practicing what he inspires others to do and be.

Jennifer Riker

Acting Coach | Performer /

devin ambron

Rarely have I met as sharp of a mind as Steven. He has an incredible ability to listen thoughtfully to my ideas then respond with the right questions. Steven helped me get clarity on how to make a few important decisions in my business and stayed in touch to keep me accountable.

Devin Ambron

Entrepreneur / The Productivity Types


Steven is a truly talented and one of the kindest people I've met. His empathy in conversations has always helped me think differently and notice things that I wasn't able to in the moment. After a talk with Steven, I've always felt a little lighter. The best thing - he truly cares about other humans and their experiences.

Katharina Redelberger

Senior Manager / PUMA

josh Gryniewicz

Steven is insightful, intelligent, and funny. He has a book to recommend for every occasion and a good natured way to point you in the right direction. I highly endorse his services.

Josh Gryniewicz

Founder | Writer / Odd Duck

amanda riker

Steven’s natural inclination to actively listen and pause for thoughtful response has provided an immense amount of value as a scene partner and subsequent friend. Not all people are born with the inherent gift of bringing the best out of others by just merely sharing space with them…
I am in awe of his commitment to break the stereotypes of “men” and provide inspiration to so many around him through his dedication to research, education and conversations in the realm of human psychology, behavior and improvement. It’s evident how motivating he is in just the sheer amount of people that seek out his company and guidance. As someone myself, whose work is also contingent upon motivation and encouragement, I look to Steven as a role model and influence in both my business and my personal relationships.

Amanda Riker

Improv Performer | Yoga Instructor /

dan lievens

Do you ever get that feeling when meeting someone for the first time that there are lifetimes of connections? Steven is one of these power human beings that has the ability to immediately connect at the level needed to solve a problem or move something along. The opportunity to work with Steven Fage is a gift. He is generous, one of the most well read people I've met and will stop at nothing to help you.

Dan Lievens

Founder / AmplifyX

anisa butt

I have had some wonderful interactions with Steven, and he has also been a guest on my podcast. He has a fantastic breadth of knowledge to share on multiple topics and we share a passion for spreading positivity and encouraging others to be their best selves. I would absolutely work with Steven again and also recommend him for coaching. 

Anisa Butt

Actor | Writer / London

clint bertucci

I’ve known Steven Fage for almost a decade, both personally and professionally. Not only have I traveled to multiple continents with him, but I’ve been lucky enough to see his life-changing speeches on multiple occasions. Without a shred of doubt, I can attest to his incredible character, work ethic, honesty, and reliability. There is truly no one more trustworthy and absolutely nothing this man can not accomplish.

Clint Bertucci

Founder / TRAVR

You're not a patient. You're not a symptom. You're a whole human being. If you're ready to break out of patterns and discover a new You, put Steven Fage First. He gets right to the root of the matter, shockingly fast. He will stretch you but only after he embraces your whole picture.

He won't let you fall. He will not push you without knowing he's got you, or he SEES that you've got your balance on your own.

Scott Olipra

President / Scott Consulting


If you're not sure what you're signing up for, here are some frequently asked questions

Single sessions are available.

You can also sign up for monthly. I ask that you commit to three months so we both have a fair chance to make impact.

There is a first-30 day money-back guarantee on the monthly plans. And of course you can cancel at any time.

  1. Your credit card will be charged.
  2. You will receive a receipt in your email inbox.
  3. You will then be taken to the wheel of life assessment.
  4. You will be asked to sign a coaching agreement.
  5. And then be given a link to schedule our first video call.

LMHP: Licensed Mental Health Professional.


If you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal ideation, it is imperative that you seek professional help. This is outlined in the coaching agreement and the terms and conditions of the services provided by this website.

Our video call sessions are not recorded at any time. Notes are taken from each session, and are strictly confidential.

Coaching sessions do not roll over to the next month. "Use it or lose it". Allows us to maintain momentum.


There will also be book recommendations.

We will go over your readings/highlights/thoughts during our sessions (and if helpful, I will share my own). Like a hyper-focused book club 📚