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Sukdev Benning wearing a winter coat

There is so much to be learned from ourselves through the act of stillness.


A conversation with Sukdev Benning

To be or not to be a victim.. Imagine a life where everyone is against you, including yourself. Often times we experience events (trauma) or relationships that train our mind to blame the outside world instead of taking accountability for ourselves.

Often times this happens as the result of losing your power. Your sense of self-perception and choice to set boundaries and make a new start.

Join me and Sukdev Benning as we travel down this rabbit hole, you may find yourself on the other side.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Near-death experiences
  2. Becoming the observer – how that can make the difference when faced with a crossroads that could mean life or death
  3. Knowing and feeling the difference between “I feel pain” vs “I am pain”
  4. Accepting and acknowledging that you're in pain
  5. Talking about the difference between “self-help” as a crutch or distraction vs “self-help” as a tool to help you grow…
  6. The importance of not watching your life but living your life (watching the movie vs being in the movie)
  7. Learning to accept our reality as it is (vs as we think it should be) and responding to that, rising to the challenge vs letting our circumstance dictate our actions
  8. Understanding your life's journey and taking the long game approach to finding inner peace vs. taking a pill approach
  9. Learning to discern the voices in your head and which ones to trust

I hope you enjoy,

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